Legal Retainer

“… A small hole is enough to sink the boat. Please fix the hole in the enterprise … “

Mr Tran Tuan Hung – CEO Hai Nam Security Service Corp (HCMC)..

LGP Lawyers is your legal firm outside your company. With highly qualified and experienced lawyers, LGP Lawyers takes care of your business at any time. Legal retainer service provides business a wide range of benefits:

1. Minimizing the common legal risks;

2. Low cost, high efficiency: Efficiency and experience of a law firm is always better than a lawyer working in business. It also helps reduce the cost of wages for legal works.

3. Professional: We are sure that,  The permanent lawyers do not work professional more than a law firm. The scope of activities and diplomatic relations of them are very limited.

4. Secure, confident and faster decisions: During contract negotiations, the psychological barriers and ignorance of law does not make confidence for you. You will be comfortable, confident and have accurate decisions if you are consulted by lawyers.

5. Very convenient: Perhaps you’re thinking, a lawyer standing in business will help you anytime, anywhere and we do not do that. However, things are different. In this age of information technology, space has no limits. We can also help you anytime, anywhere.

Regularly consulting field

1. Answers all legal matters relating to the operation of the business (taxes, contracts, labor, import- export, investment and administrative procedures …);

2. Drafting and review of administrative documents and contracts;

3. Consulting resolve internal and external disputes;

4. Consulting handle bad debts;

5. To advise the solution to prevent legal risks;

6. Provide required legal documents;