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Vietnam is one of the fastest growing countries in South East Asia, the most animated investment environment. The Vietnamese government determines to make ways to attract and encourage the domestic and international investment by simplifying legal system and improving the efficiency of administrative system to better serve investment environment. Numerous International Treaties on Investment and Free Tariffs, particularly Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are promising on the change of Vietnam in the near future, not only investment, business and trade but also labour, environment and politics.

LGP Lawyers provides full investment package for both local and foreign investors wishing to invest into this thriving market:

Market-entry Services


Direct & Indirect Investment

Offshore Investment

Sale and Purchase of Shares

Investment & Business Matching

Investment Vehicles

Banking & Finance

Our client-focused lawyers who have many years practicing in leading local and international law firms and corporations think ahead our clients’ business needs and give the best business solutions. An appropriate investment vehicle will speed up your business and your success.



Whatever you start up or you are running your business you may have a ton of internal and external corporate matters to be done. Luckily you have excellent staffs who help you get things done so quickly. On larger scale, the limited internal resources cannot handle everything you need. LGP Lawyers is happy to assist you from a simple matter to sophisticated work. We play a role of placing our firm inside your office. So, think about the matters we can help:

Corporate Structuring and Restructuring

Capital Transfers

Selling and Buying a Company

Due Diligence

Corporate Structural Schemes

Business Solutions

Organizational Structures

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Corporate Retainer

Corporate Standardization


Labor & Employment

Social contributions



Taxes significantly impact on your business. To understand the tax system for compliance is sometimes a challenge.

There are not so many lawyers specializing in taxes consulting in Vietnam. LGP Lawyers were the volunteer in this industry since the early economic dawn in Vietnam. Our Lawyers has many years practicing and consulting both local and cross-border taxes, tax planning and tax structuring. We optimize your tax payment while assuring your tax compliance.

Vietnam has signed with more than 170 Double Tax Agreements (or “DTA”) and this number is increasing in the course of Vietnam’s integration into the global investment, economization and commercialization.

Our tax consulting services include:

Tax Planning and Structuring

Cross-border Tax and Foreign Contractor Tax

Corporate Income Tax

Value Added Tax or Sale Tax

Personal Income Tax

Special Consumption Tax

Import & Export Duties

Environmental & Natural Resources Tax

Tax Incentives

Tax Reduction & Exemption

Transfer Pricing



You would like to distribute or retail your goods, franchise your systems to this busy and young 90-million-people market who are learning and integrating into modern and fast growing international standards and technology, Vietnam is becoming a cross-road of famous international brands from Coca-Cola to KFC, Starbucks etc. With economic stability and growth, annual income of the local Vietnamese, busy trading activities are taking place in very street corner.

Various trading schemes are available for your considerations:

Distribution, Retails & Wholesale




Commercial Contracts

Commercial Processing

Commercial Agents

Commercial Representation

Import & Export

Commercial Advertising

Trade Fairs, Exhibition & Promotion

Commercial Brokerage

Commercial Dispute Settlements

Vietnam is a member of Vienna Convention 1980 on International Sale and Purchase of Goods, an endeavor to play on the global commercial picture. With various commercial treaties that Vietnam has signed and the coming TPP, Vietnam is a promising land for trading and commerce. And It has been coming.

Our lawyers give clients assistance to enter into this interesting market from local to cross-border commercial transactions. We assure your business on smooth basis while complying with local and international laws.